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Valuation and Ternary Analysis

How can cybernetics push forward the frontier of scientific study into the territory of valuation? How can we ensure that cybernetics is methodologically equipped to deal with these wider areas, and develop appropriate logical and empirical structures?

I gradually came to realise that the second paradigm, with its two domains, as it was put forward by the founders of cybernetics, was inadequate for the task. I came to see that a third paradigm, with the addition of a third domain, was necessary. This led to the discovery of terns and Ternary Analysis.

Figure button   The ternary domanial structure

Ternality Theory and Ternary Analysis are an attempt to provide a new paradigm for purpose and directiveness. I am trying to build a new conceptual structure, much of which is only the logical half of a heuristic activity. It is not, of course, an attempt to find a way to certainty.

The empirical half of the required circular logico-empirical process is that the discovery of terns is followed by recognition of actual mechanisms that exist in the real world, and hence to the further understanding, prediction, and management, of reality.



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