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High Flyers: An Anatomy of Managerial Success

Charles J Cox and Cary L Cooper

The image of the superstar executive dominates the public perception of today's successful business person. Apparently effortlessly, these high fliers rise to dominance, recognising no limitations to their spheres of influence, or even areas of industry. Yet little is known of the anatomy of their success—or even whether they epitomise the more populous but less public world of successful executives.

This book looks at the ingredients of executive success. Drawing on a major and widespread investigation within British industry—from traditional to 'high-tech'—the authors attempt to show what are the common factors, from background and education, to personality and skills. Do the same types of people rise to the top in electronics and engineering? The resulting profile of the characteristics of successful executives will provide fascinating reading to anyone with a serious interest in success

ISBN 0-631-14066-2   Basil Blackwell   1988


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Women's Career Development: A Study of High Flyers

Barbara White, Charles Cox and Cary Cooper

Based on an in-depth study of forty-eight successful women, this book is an overview of women's progress in management.

The integration of powerful research with existing theory and data on career development makes it both an incisive perspective on the way in which women succeed and an indispensable resource for those studying women's development in business.

It looks at women's need for achievement, at the comparisons between successful women and men, and at women and organisations—the development and use of power.

ISBN 0-631-186557   Blackwell Publishers   1992


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Business Elites: The Psychology of Entrepreneurs and Intrapreneurs

Reg Jennings, Charles Cox and Cary L Cooper

This is an in-depth study that distinguishes between the traits of two equally important business elites: independent entrepreneurs, and the new breed of corporate 'intrapreneurs' who head large firms.

Based on interviews with around forty prominent business leaders, it presents a set of profiles showing the social origins, childhood influences, education and work ethic that have helped shape these exceptional people. It is clear that a different pattern emerges in the development of the entrepreneurs from that of the intrepreneurs. This finding offers an invaluable insight into the different forces that have shaped modern leaders in business, both inside and outside the corporation.

ISBN 0-415-08232-3   Routledge   1994


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The Management of Safety: The behavioural approach to changing organisations

Valerie J Sutherland, Peter J Makin and Charles J Cox

The challenge to improve safety at work remains a key concern of many organisations, especially as traditional approaches to safety in organisations have not had the anticipated impact of reducing accident rates. As this book shows, existing methods of attempting to enhance safety performance have very limited efficacy.

Following a review of the main theories underlying safety management and their application to developing safe behaviour, it provides an introduction to the behaviour-based approach to safety management and quality improvement. It also incorporates useful examples, illustrations and practical applications that show the need for this approach.

ISBN 0-7619-6612-9   SAGE Publications   2000


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